You ever find yourself with a hankering for Swedish meatballs from the IKEA food court but don't want to deal with walking through the labyrinth that is an IKEA store? If you just yelled "PREACH SISTER" out loud, then this will be the best news you hear all day:

According to WMUR, it turns out that FOOD is one of IKEA's fasting growing aspects of their company. In 2016 they served 650 million people and made 1.8 billion dollars in food alone. Nearly a third of their customers are going to the store just to chow down!

Initially, the food courts were just to a tactic to keep people in the store longer. But now that they are really investing in their restaurants it has become much more than that.

They are testing the success of pop-up restaurants in London, Paris, and Oslo.  Michael La Cour, IKEA Food's managing director said "I hope in a few years our customers will be saying, 'IKEA is a great place to eat — and, by the way, they also sell some furniture.'" What an exciting and delicious thought!

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