You'd be hard pressed to find fans more passionate about their hometown baseball
team than Boston Red Sox fans. We're a rare breed of crazy. Have you seen some of those lunatics on TV the last couple of nights. It's been cold at Fenway, but you'd think it was the middle of July the way those fans are acting.

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Boston Red Sox - Game One
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

We live and die with the Red Sox. I personally know at least five people who have named their dogs or pets after Sox players or Fenway Park. I'll bet that's not happening in Pittsburgh or Miami.

The only other team that comes remotely close is New York Yankee fans. The Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals follow close behind. At least that's MY opinion.

The website WalletHub has an entirely different take on the situation. They ranked the best baseball cities according to 31 different metrics, like winning percentage, ticket prices, and how engaged fans are on social media. And the Boston Red Sox didn't do so well.

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Boston Red Sox - Game Two
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According to the study by WalletHub, the New York Yankees rated number one! The Red Sox opponent in this year's World Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers came in second. And the St. Louis Cardinals came in third.

So where did our beloved Red Sox rank?

A dismal eighth place! Are you kidding me? Eighth? C'mon man. The Sox are in The World Series...and leading 2-0. Look, I'm no mathematician, but that doesn't really add up to me. But then again, why do I care? Yankee fans are sitting at home sulking...or watching the boys from Beantown put a shellacking on the Dodgers. Either way works for me.

Go Sox! #DoDamage


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