Julia Gagnon is fresh from her success on American Idol, and is back in Maine! She's ready to thank her supporters in person! This fierce 22-year-old shocked the world with her soulful, powerful voice that electrified the nation.

The Cumberland singer finished in the top seven, and is now planning a summer tour across 15-20 spots in Maine, including a performance at the Moxie Festival on July 13.

According to Central Maine, after two months in Hollywood, Julia is excited to reconnect with her Maine fans and friends. She's also working on a song about Maine with her fiancé and musical collaborator, Nate Haven.

Julia graduated from the University of Southern Maine and had planned to go to law school, but decided to focus on her music after her experience on American Idol.

She hired Brian Root as her manager and is planning exciting future projects, according to the article. Brian Root is one of the organizers for Central Maine Idol, the event where Julia claimed victory in Season 3.

The tour will definitely be the perfect chance for all of Maine to listen to our girl. In turn, by singing in this Maine tour, Julia will show her appreciation for our support throughout her incredible journey!

Her tour will be announced within the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes out! Follow Julia on her Facebook for updates!

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