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For some, it's a bit of an accidental tradition for those that still subscribe to cable, or even those that don't but want some kind of background show on that you don't need to pay 100% close attention to.

Flip to/stream something from HGTV.

It's easy watching, you can do other things while occasionally checking in on the screen, and maybe even get some ideas for your home or apartment.

And quite honestly, these Mainers should have their own show on there because the work they do is incredible.

siders_woodcrafting via TikTok
siders_woodcrafting via TikTok

Sider's Woodcrafting Maine

The creation of Sider's Woodcrafting is almost a complete accident. As highlighted on the official website of Sider's Woodcrafting, Bruce Graybill and his wife, Mary, were simply trying to save money as new parents, and decided to create homemade wooden cutting boards for Christmas to give as gifts.

After the boards were completed in their Brewer, Maine, home, friends started asking for more, and the entire business was officially born in 2016, having come a very long way since those first few dozen cutting boards.

Epoxy Art

In fact, on the official Sider's Woodworking TikTok page, you'll find a range of different projects that Bruce, Mary, and their crew have worked on throughout the years, including an epoxy river floor project in a friend's Millinocket Lake House that was filmed from start to finish.

While the first video doesn't show the cutting out of the floor, Bruce dropped another video after explaining how he cut the hardwood to represent the flowing river.

What's really cool and special about this particular epoxy river floor is that it will double as an "eye spy" (you know -- "I spy with my little eye...) that is full of things you could find in a river, but also represent friendships that Mike has with various people, which is a REALLY cool and unique thing to do.

After lining the one side of the cut out with LED lights (which should look AMAZING in the dark), he carefully (like, with a Red Solo Cup carefully) laid out the sand and started placing decorations.

Once everything was laid out, it was time to start prepping and pouring the epoxy -- 34 GALLONS WORTH!

And you may think "oh cool, just pour the epoxy and all set!" -- except for the fact that after the first half of all that epoxy was poured, they METICULOUSLY went through every part of the river and removed any debris they didn't catch beforehand.

After making sure all the little unwanted debris like wood chips and stuff was removed, the rest of the epoxy was poured, and they tested the LED lights -- which, as predicted, look SO AMAZING in the dark!

How peaceful and serene does that look? Can you imagine just leaving work on a Friday after a hard week of work, jetting up to your lake house THAT HAS A RIVER (albeit epoxy) RUNNING RIGHT THROUGH IT, and sitting along the river at night with your family or friends, drinks in hand (cocktails and/or sodas) and just completely relaxing and detaching from the stresses of life? This is AMAZING work!

Here's a pretty cool time-lapse video of the whole project that Bruce posted, too.

As well as a couple of update videos, which show how clear the epoxy dried and the final sanding.

And here's the final top coat of epoxy being poured on -- it's almost super relaxing watching it poured and seeing the sanded, cloudy epoxy become clear again with the top coat pouring on, and then watching it expand the length of the cut out "river."

It gives Couples Retreats vibes where some of the villas have windows on the floor that provide views right into the ocean where sea creatures and ocean life is 100% observable below.

What a neat idea and honestly PERFECT for a lake house in Maine (or anywhere, really!)

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