This is one of those reminders that never want to get, because it comes with such heartbreaking, tragic news.

Rochester NH Accident

Originally reported by WMUR, on Monday, July 8, Rochester, New Hampshire, police responded to "a serious the area of Crown Point Road."

This was echoed by the Rochester Police Department itself, mentioning a road closure due to the accident, but again, providing no specific details other than the location of the closure.

WMUR reporting followed up with the heartbreaking news that the above-mentioned crash was in fact a hit and run accident which claimed the life of New Hampshire Air National Guard Commander, Brig. Gen. John Pogorek.

Which brings us to the related matter, as very early on the morning of Tuesday, July 9, a popular local farm in Strafford, New Hampshire, reached out to the public for help while sharing tragic news.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Red Gate Farm NH

According to a post made to the Red Gate Farm Facebook page, owner Whitney Pogorek shared that her husband lost his life, and she is looking to unload some of the animals on her farm.

And the thing about New Englanders is that when you're in need of help the most, they show up, or at least point you in the right direction of where help can be found.

Whitney's post after a just a few hours was loaded with a mixture of condolences, love, and suggestions on who to reach out to regarding her animals, as well as offering a free, helping hand.

Not sure what you have for animals but as a farm and pet sitter I will offer my services for free if you need a hand! I’m so sorry for your tragic loss! - Keaghan Pike

Thoughts, prayers, positivity and healing vibes go out to both Whitney and John's entire families in this tragic, heartbreaking time. And kudos to fellow Granite Staters and neighboring New Englanders for selflessly offering a helping hand in any way possible.

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