7/11 Free Slurpees

It seems to sneak up on us almost out of nowhere every single summer, but every July 11 is a reason to celebrate, especially on hot, humid days throughout New England.

Because in accordance with their name, 7-Eleven stores across not only the region, but the entire country, celebrate July 11 (or, as is written out sometimes, 7/11 -- get it?) by declaring it Slurpee Day.

aminshayko via TikTok
aminshayko via TikTok

Slurpee Day

The really great thing about Slurpee Day is there's no catch. While some businesses will declare a special "day" in some way, shape, or form, generally in order to get the benefit that comes with that "day," a purchase needs to be made.

Not with Slurpee Day.

On July 11 only, all 7-Eleven, Speedway, and Stripe locations are offering one free small Slurpee with no purchase necessary, which truly makes it free.

Slurpee Day 2024

An even cooler part about Slurpee Day on July 11? After finding success when they did it for the first time last year, 7-Eleven and Speedway locations will actually be offering up TWO free Slurpees.

7REWARDS and Speedy Rewards members, according to the 7-Eleven website, can use either rewards service at checkout and receive their second FREE small Slurpee, which is actually good to be redeemed anytime before July 31.

Google Maps / Canva
Google Maps / Canva

7-Eleven Maine Locations

Even though Slurpee Day is being celebrating at Speedway locations and Stripe locations as well, it just so happens that Maine doesn't have any locations for either store, which leaves us with celebrating only at the 11 7-Eleven (irony) stores spread throughout Vacationland.

Here's a List of Every Place in Maine to Grab a Free Slurpee Today

Happy 7/11 Day!

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