If you live in Maine, you know exactly when most people believe the best time to visit Maine is. It's in the summer months, typically wrapped around a holiday weekend. Hotels will be at capacity, downtowns will be overflowing, and beaches will be packed.

But is that actually the best time to visit Vacationland? Travel experts from loveEXPLORING took a crack at determining the best time to visit each state in the country based on a number of factors such as weather, experiences, and overall happiness factor.

Wolfe Neck State Park, Freeport, Maine in the summer evening before sunset
Faina Gurevich

Their conclusion backs up what the majority of people in Maine already know. Nothing beats summer in the Pine Tree State, no matter how much you love skiing or snowmobiling and no matter how many different colorful shades tree leaves will become.

Sunrise in Acadia National Park observed from the top of Cadillac mountain.

LoveEXPLORING believes Maine's best appeal is its sights and sounds. Acadia National Park draws thousands upon thousands of visitors each summer with can't-miss sunrises and sunsets.

Boats in Rockland Harbor Maine
Kelly Berger

Then there's the beaches. Coastal towns wake up from their winter slumber and become hubs for activity. People pile onto Maine's vibrant beaches to soak up some sun and dip their toes in the Atlantic Ocean.

Last on loveEXPLORING's list is the food. Seasonal restaurants are a known commodity in Maine, often offering up a handful of fresh seafood specialities that some people believe are worth the trip to Maine alone.

ocean coast in Biddeford Pool in Maine, Usa
Photo Italia LLC

So make that October trip if you want. Book that February visit if you just can't help yourself. But just know, experts say to maximize your enjoyment of Maine, July is the best time to visit.

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