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The Good Stuff: A group of nurses from New Jersey tacked on an extra few hours to their shift to save a kitten who was stuck in a sewer grate! One of the nurses adopted him and named him "Trent" after Trenton, New Jersey (that's where the hospital was).

Famous People 411: JLO was pronounced an icon at the MTV movie and TV awards last night, and Dwayne the Rock Johnson proves he's a big beefy mama's boy and bought his mom a house! Patrice Bergeron won a Selke for a record-breaking 5th time.

Men are admitting that the new Top Gun movie is making them cry. We asked the fellas what movies brought them to tears. Armageddon, Saving Private Ryan, American Sniper, and Fatherhood starring Kevin Hart were some popular answers.

Brides and Grooms are getting creative when it comes to cutting costs for the wedding day: Brides are renting dresses or borrowing them from friends, and there are websites where you can borrow gently used centerpieces! We asked our listeners how they cut costs on their wedding day ,and many said they MADE their own wedding dress or had a potluck instead of providing food for everyone. LOVE IT!

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