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The Good Stuff:

Kira brought me a good stuff story that really made me scratch my head. Essentially, Taco Bell took an item off the menu that really upset some people...one man in particular.  In protest, the man started working out until Taco Bell puts the food item back on the menu - he has since lost 80 pounds.

Famous People 411: 

Yesterday we got the chance to chat with Michael Ray, and my oh my was it a hoot. We first talked about his new song "Holy Water," which is a jam. And when I say a jam, I mean a head-banging, foot-stomping JAM.

After chatting about his new song and his life on the road with Lee Brice, Michael told us about his favorite memory from the last time he was in New Hampshire. Check out the podcast to hear him talk about his memory from Hampton Beach.

Kan't Beat Kira: 

Well, Kan't Beat Kira got a little harder. Today marked the first official game without multiple choice. Our contestant, Ashely, crushed it today, going 3/3 while Kira could only snag 2 correctly.

Trashiest Foods You Love: 

So today is national "eat whatever you want day" (boy do I love these made-up holidays). While I, Logan, am crushing today on three hours of sleep, I announced how excited I was to have a packet of Ramen Noodles (with the water drained) - my trashiest food treat.

Some of our favorite callers included Brooklyn, Eric, Kassidy, and Jessie. Some of their answers included gas station hot dogs, craft mac and cheese (duh), and pickles and peanut butter - TOGETHER.

Eric chose "little league concession stand" foods. What a hilarious answer for a grown man who stops during games just to grab a $2 fried dough for kids.

Fun Moment:

Remember how I said we had so much fun with Michael Ray? Well, in compliments, take-backs, and apologies, Kira complimented Michael Ray for his hilarious few minutes with us...and his laugh.

Yes, listen to the podcast to hear how long this man laughed at yours truly. It was a blast. Thanks Michael.

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