At nearly 1 am in the morning last Wednesday a true hero, Officer Michael Webster heard on radio traffic to be on the lookout for a woman in distress driving a black BMW according to  Reports came in that the woman was planning to jump off the Sarah Long Bridge. Officer Webster was driving on the Route 1 Bypass and proceeded to check the bridge.  The Officer discovered the woman “standing over the guardrail ready to jump,” per Kittery police Lt. John Desjardins who went on to say, “He made a rapport with her and began speaking with her.”  “At some point, the female decided she was going to jump, and he was able to physically intervene and pull her back over the guardrail.”

I can only imagine the thoughts that were going through Officer Webster’s mind.  His quick thinking and compassionate active listening saved her life.  I am so grateful for the Officers that are out there to help us.  In the last few months, we have seen the worst in people and the best in people.  Officer Michael Webster has only been on the force for a year-and-a-half according to and he has made a huge difference in the world. This issue is close to my heart. I volunteer and I'm on the board for the American Suicide Prevention Foundation the Portsmouth NH chapter.

And I want to let you know that if you are in Maine and need help, call the Maine Crisis Hotline at 1-888-568-1112 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.  There is help.  There are caring people who will listen when you need help.  I have suffered from depression and am so grateful to the people in my life and my doctors for helping me when I have had feelings of hopelessness.  Do not give up.  Reach out and help will be given.




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