With the warm summer-like weather here for, well, at least it was here for Memorial Day Weekend and hopefully comes back before the snow starts up again, ice cream has been on the mind for Mainers. (Although, in our defense, someone was spotted eating an ice cream cone on a bench in Monument Square in Portland on yesterday's low-50s gloomy day, so we don't really need summer weather to enjoy a scoop or two.)

Thankfully for Mainers, between Beal's, Gifford's, and the dozens of other independent ice cream shops around the state, there's no lack of places to go or flavors to try. But that could maybe be where things get a bit too involved -- flavors.

Mal Meyer
Mal Meyer

Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium is offering a very Maine flavor of ice cream

Over Memorial Day Weekend while enjoying the weather, CBS 13's Mal Meyer was out and about in Bah Hahbah taking in the weather and, eventually, a scoop or two of ice cream. And that's when he saw it -- the most Maine flavor of ice cream to ever be a flavor of ice cream in Maine.

"Contains: Seafood"

While actual foods have been added to ice cream for years -- cherries, strawberries, small bite-sized balls of bubble gum -- rarely has something as savory as lobster meat been added to ice cream, which has always been considered a sweet treat only. But, as described by Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium, their lobster ice cream is:

"Light butter-flavored ice cream (with) buttered lobster meat."

While there are actual people that eat entire sticks of butter as a snack (or world record attempt), butter-flavored ice cream doesn't sound like the usual type of ice cream someone would try. Especially when adding actual chunks of lobster meat into said ice cream.

Then again, butter-flavored anything usually tastes delicious, so maybe this is truly a hidden treasure and Ben & Bill's is just super early to what could be the next big craze? (If eating Tide Pods became a thing for a bit, why not lobster ice cream with butter-flavored ice cream and chunks of lobster?)

Mal Meyer
Mal Meyer

Would you try the Lobster ice cream flavor at Ben & Bill's, or hard pass?

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