The trainer said he was getting the injured animal back into shape when a stranger appeared.

According to , Charles Shakelton has been charged with terrorizing after allegedly he started a confrontation with a dog trainer on Route 1. After that, he allegedly returned to the business with a loaded pistol, knife and pickax in his vehicle,  police told Seacoast Online.

Lt. John Desjardins said the trainer was “using weights to get the dog’s hips back into shape” when a stranger, later identified as Shakelton, pulled his vehicle into the business lot and “initiated a confrontation.” Shakelton then allegedly uttered “If I come back here, you’re going to fear me,” and then allegedly made a pistol motion with his fingers and said, “pow, pow, pow,” Desjardins said. Shakleton was accusing the trainer of harming the animal. Desjardins said the trainer was “using weights to get the dog’s hips back into shape.”

Kittery police were contacted by employees of Canine Solutions Training Service. By the time they were on scene, Shakelton had returned, and police then found the loaded pistol, knife and a pickax in his truck. “Presumably, he had returned home and retrieved these weapons and came back,” Desjardins said. “We can’t be sure what he was going to do.” The misdemeanor terrorizing charge is strictly for the verbal threat and physical motion Shakelton allegedly made toward the trainer.

Bail was set at $2,500 after being transported to York County Jail.




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