Dustin Gray pulled off the side of Route 1A, less than a mile from the Lucerne Inn, last week so his 11 month-old puppy, Clover, could take a potty break. According to the Bangor Daily News, Dustin and Clover walked about 50 feet into the woods. As he was staring off into the distance, Clover was taking care of business. When suddenly, Dustin tells the Daily News, he felt the leash get ripped from his hand. As he turned to investigate, he saw “a big, black circle of fur” mauling poor Clover.

Dustin says he immediately ran to save his dog. Punching and kicking, he poked the bear in the eye. When the bear reared up on his back legs, and swatted him to the ground...is when he fully realized he was duking it out with a black bear.

According to the newspaper, he suffered scratches and bruises. Clover suffered severe puncture wounds, and is being treated by a veterinarian. The bear ran away.

This is exactly why I let Marley poop wherever he wants, and then I just clean it up.

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