Instead of a getaway car, the would-be thief decided to hoof it, with hilarious results.

According to WABI 5, it all started to unfold Tuesday morning in Waterville, Maine. Thirty Seven year-old Jason Mackenrodt pulled out a BB gun while robbing Bangor Savings Bank. He was able to make off with an undisclosed amount of money, and quickly left the scene. Instead of a getaway car, Mackenrodt took off on foot, where the assistant general manager of a local Advance Auto Parts watched what happened next in real time. Mike Levo told WABI "he was being chased by something, I didn't know what though at that point, and then he fell and I started yelling... I think he tripped on himself, he just tripped." Police say Mackenrodt tripped and fell in the parking lot across the street, dropping the money and his gun.

Tripping on escape is one thing. Tripping in front of Special Agent Glenn Lang of the Maine State Police is certainly extra credit. "Special Agent Lang obviously recognized the combination of a running person, money, and gun, and realized that something was amiss and took Mr. Mackenrodt into custody," said Waterville Deputy Police Chief William Bonney.

Mackenrodt is being held on $25,000 bail.

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