You've seen the signs reading "Maine has a tough drunk driving law." Ahead of Memorial Day Weekend, a reminder this law includes golf carts.

According to the Journal Tribune, A woman was wheeling a golf cart last weekend in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. She eventually collided with a bus, and now is facing OUI charges. Fortunately, fifty five year old Maureen Olsen of North Yarmouth, Maine was not injured when after the collision, she was was reportedly thrown from the golf cart.

Old Orchard Beach Captain David Hemingway told the Journal Tribune Olsen was reportedly waiting for someone at the front entrance of the Wagon Wheel RV Resort and Campground at 3 Old Orchard  when she went out into the roadway and hit the bus. The Captain also said there was no other property damage or injuries reported.

Maine law states the “operating” in operating under the influence, refers to “operating or attempting to operate a motor vehicle.”  hence, boats, snowmobiles, golf carts and etc.




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