Higher fees, longer walks, and other changes could be coming for users of Uber and Lyft, according to Massport.

According to WMUR News 9, Officials with Massport are proposing higher fees and new dropoff and pickup locations for rideshare services. It might result in a longer walk the next time you use Uber, Lyft, or others. Pickup and dropoff locations could be moved to the central parking garage instead of dropping off passengers at the terminal or picking them up at designated pickup locations close to each terminal. This potential move is designed to help reduce the number of empty vehicles heading to and from the airport. So, if you're the one dropping/picking up, wedging in may be easier.

Also, if using a rideshare service, you could be paying $5 up front. Currently, the rate is $3.25. However, if you're splitting the ride, the fee would drop to $2.50.

According to WMUR, Massport's board is expected to vote on a new rideshare fee structure next month.


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