Two boys from Boston's suburbs created an optical illusion which is designed to save lives in busy school zones.

Speedbumps , while annoying, are an effective way to slow you down. Isa, a 10-year-old from Medford, Massachusetts was tired of seeing people speeding through a busy school zone. Isa told WCVB TV Boston, "there's signs that say 'Slow, kids playing,'" "But, honestly, I've seen cars just speed past here. There's even stop signs, (but) some people just don't listen."

The student at Brooks Elementary, and a classmate researched the idea of a 3D sidewalk, and pitched it to the city, who loved it. However, it isn't like you'll see raised tables in Medford. The sidewalk is merely a painted  optical illusion, and it has been used in other places in the world, such as England, China and India.

"It looks amazing and it's just paint," Isa said of the sidewalk. 3D sidewalks are already catching on, as they'll be painted near two other schools in town, according to WCVB TV Boston.



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