TB12 has been immortalized by an object that many of us still have a hard time figuring out.

Remember 4th grade? I spent hours trying to perfect a Rubik's Cube. While a lot of us took the easy way out (raises hand) by manipulating stickers, one boy from Westwood, Massachusetts put the rest of us to shame. Maxim Lin paid tribute to his favorite QB, by made a Rubik's Cube mosaic of Tom Brady.

According to WMUR News 9, the 4th grader took two months to create the project, which was for his science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM. "I found a picture on the internet and then I put it on a website, and they kind of did, like, the patterns for me," Lin said. "Then I just colored it on paper."

The young football fan said he would like Tom to sign it, and he wouldn't turn it around for profit, or even keep it himself. Upon a potential sale, he told WMUR "I will donate the money to Westwood Public Schools for sports protection gear."

Such a complicated project must have been quite the chore. Not the case for Lin, who says the hardest part of tackling his project was taking the Rubik's Cubes out of their packaging.

Your serve, everyone else. 


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