Imagining a life without Necco wafers is causing many fans to rush to the candy store, ahead of the potential closing of the company.

Panicked purchases have Necco wafers flying off the shelves. In March, the company announced 395 workers could be laid off if the company doesn't find a buyer. This news has sent many fans into hoarder status, much like fans of Twinkees did a few years ago. What was once one of America's least favorite candies, has all of a sudden become one of the most requested items at candy stores.

The wafers have quite a history. According to Wikipedia, they debuted in 1847. During the Civil War, they were called hub wafers and were carried by Union soldiers. In World War 2, the U.S. Government ordered Necco to produce its wafers for soldiers overseas. Shortly after this, sales peaked.

Well, at this rate, maybe they'll peak THIS year.

Also, if Necco goes, so do conversation hearts. I don't think we want a world without either.

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