The glass ceiling didn't just break, it was shattered into pieces in the town Groveland, Massachusetts as five female firefighters answered the call to protect their community. 

Firefighter Jennifer Hicks, Firefighter Alyssa Bosch, Firefighter Lisa Evans, Firefighter Megan Shea and Firefighter Courtney Panaro are the newest members of the Groveland Fire Department.

The five women now make up nearly 20 percent of the force. Nationally, the average is approximately, 3.5 percent.

Groveland Fire Chief Robert Lay told WBZ...“The community that we serve is made up of men and women, probably in equal parts. When your department is 95 or 100 percent male, it just didn’t make a lot of sense,” said Groveland Fire Chief Robert Lay.


Credit Karen Kiley
Credit Karen Kiley

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