According to WGME, 17 states already ban minors from using tanning beds. I remember when I used to go tanning in high school if you were below the age of 18 a parent had to sign a release form for you. My mom wouldn't do it so it was spray tans for me! I now fondly refer to high school as my "Oompa Loompa years".

Research indicates that exposure to ultraviolet light happens more commonly in teens and significantly increases one's chances of skin cancer later in life. Of course, this could negatively impact the tanning business hence why there is some pushback.

I know that tanning has its benefits for certain medical conditions such as psoriasis and seasonal depression. Perhaps the answer isn't to ban tanning for minors entirely but maybe to restrict the frequency in which they are allowed to visit the salon. Do you agree that there should be an age restriction for indoor tanning?

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