The elderly man was visiting a friend in the city's Back Bay area Friday.

According to WMUR News 9, a man from Boston is without a major means of transportation after his motorized wheelchair was ripped off last Friday. The chair, which is valued at $14,000 was left just outside his friend's apartment building and somebody took it.

Seventy six year-old Paul Quarles says he's battled both throat and stomach cancers, and is very frail. Also, he has a tube in his throat and can barely speak, according to reports. Since losing his wheelchair a few days ago, Quarles has already fallen to the ground.

With cameras being everywhere in 2019, there is a better chance Quarles's wheelchair could be found. According to reports, there is a surveillance camera on the building, right above where he said the wheelchair was stolen.

Boston police said they have not yet started investigating the incident. However, they will assign a detective to the case Monday.



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