I honestly have no idea how to even start this. To be honest, I still am not even really sure what happened yesterday (other than an absolutely incredible, peaceful experience.) I guess I'll start out by saying this is NOT an ad, I am NOT at all being paid to mention this, nor was I even asked. My mind is still just so blown that I felt the need to pass along what happened in case you may have had similar experiences.

For background (and this isn't going to be a religious post or even boasting about rhetoric, just some quick info about me since I feel like it relates), I believe there's a Heaven and Hell. I believe in ghosts. I believe that there are people who can communicate with spirits. Yes, I believe some who claim to be able to, are frauds, but I also believe that anyone given (or who has learned to be able to channel that gift) wouldn't use it to scam people. I can at least confidently say my friend Alexa is one of those people who isn't trying to scam people, but literally use her "powers" for good.

Let me set the scene for you yesterday -- I was doing rigorous work yesterday morning. Really crushing physical labor and putting my nose to the grindstone (I was updating my fantasy lineup and trying not to have ANOTHER losing week), when my friend Alexa sent me the most RANDOM of random texts:

"Random question...did one of your grandfathers smoke a pipe?"

I told you -- it was the most random of RANDOM. So, I answered her -- my Pepere (my mom's father, the French Canadian side) used to smoke way back in the day, but I wasn't sure if he smoked out of a pipe. My Jiddo (my dad's father, the Lebanese side) had a tobacco pipe, but I wasn't sure if it was his or one of my uncle's. She followed up.

"Was one in the military?"

That was 100% my Pepere. He was in the 82nd Airborne -- certified LEGEND jumping out of planes. I confirmed that, and she just kept going.

"Well, it seems they're around you today. I'm not sure if it's both or not, but the pipe and military came through. It felt like he may have had a tattoo on his forearm or was pointing out yours? Not sure if that resonates with you or not...they came through strong. I was just meditating and they popped in."

Fun fact -- my very first tattoo was a gigantic grasshopper on...you guessed it...my forearm (well, inner forearm, but close enough.) The purpose? My Pepere always called me "Grasshopper."

Freaked out yet? Because I was. Not exactly freaked out, but I had chills. Sure, I've posted pictures of my tattoo on Facebook before, but I've never actually flat out what it stood for unless a friend asked (and Alexa never did, for the record. So she couldn't have known the details about it.)

What happened from there was one of the most insane, unreal, unbelievable, exciting, basically WILD things of my life. I've seen shows where this happens and people "come through." I've gone to a couple of Theresa Caputo "shows" where she basically just talks about how she came to realize her gift and channeled it, then spends the rest of the "show" talking to the crowd based on who she feels coming through -- but it's NEVER happened to me.

And it sure as heck has never happened to me while I was trying to figure out whether I start the Patriots' James White at Running Back for some sure fantasy points, or whether I take a chance on the 49ers' Raheem Mostert actually returning from his injury and getting some playing time. Well, not until yesterday morning, anyway.

The whole ironic thing is she told me my Pepere had been trying to come through for a while now -- for the last few months, starting when she basically offered me a reading and I told her perhaps when COVID calmed down a bit. Clearly, my Pepere wasn't feeling the wait, because she said he came through like a wrecking ball yesterday and would NOT be ignored. The fact this all happened through texts, too, where there's no "tell" or "leading techniques" just proved that, again, Alexa isn't a scammer, and she's TALENTED when it comes to channeling her gift.

Again, I didn't write this because she asked. I didn't write this as "payment" for her helping me communicate with my Pepere yesterday -- I wrote this because I just still can't believe it happened, but I've also always been curious. Curious if this was a real thing, even though I believed it was the whole time. And I know it's possible you've been curious, too, but you just are nervous to get scammed or you're skeptical (I get it, I was too regardless of having believed it's legit for a while now). I also wrote it because I've gotten some responses on the story I posted about this on my Instagram (which was actually a re-gram of part of my conversation with Alexa that she posted up first) about people saying what I just did -- they've always been curious but didn't know how or where to start.

So, maybe this is me giving you a starting place. Alexa is a solid human being (which is why we're friends), she's LOCAL (lives in New Hampshire), and she already said that she wants to help connect as many people as possible.

If you want to reach out to her, she offered her Instagram and email address as contacts. Or if want to just go all in, book a reading with her now!

Seriously. Reach out to her. For no other reason than the experience will leave you with such a PEACEFUL feeling -- it's almost like you get locked into tunnel vision having a conversation with someone who has passed and that you've wanted more than anything to somehow communicate with. She's offering up virtual sessions by the way (clearly, based on my experience), so you can remain safe and relaxed considering the state of the world right now.

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