I got a chance to talk to Luke Bryan last night.  Pretty crazy, right? We did a Zoom call and talked all things American Idol, quarantine, and even what's been going on with his Sure Thing Cigar bar in Florida.

Luke was under fire for a story about his cigar bar opening before it should have.  Taste of Country reported that there was a karoake party there without social distancing.  Luke, who owns the business with his partner Paul Copeland, didn't really want to discuss it but said it's definitely be a hectic few days as they deal with this.  Knowing Luke, I have no doubt this will all get worked out.

luke 2

We also got a chance to talk about American Idol. Luke told a funny story about how he was having problems with his internet.  He told the cable guy that showed up that the fate of American Idol depended on him!  He obviously came through because the show is up and running!

luke 1

Luke said the talent this year is unbelievable and that he's extremely happy that the show is still happening.

So, how's quarantine going for Luke? Well he and his wife Caroline are definitely keeping busy pulling pranks on each other.  They also have a houseful of boys to keep occupied!

As far as touring, Luke talked about how much he wants to get back out there to his fans, but he's definitely following everyone's lead, His main priority has always been the fans and he wants to make sure everyone is safe before hitting the road again.

Since it was Cinco De Mayo, we wrapped up with a toast.  One Margarita, of course!

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