It's usually a good thing when your vacuum sucks!  Over the weekend, I was in a cleaning frenzy.  On Saturday, everything in the house got cleaned.  The last thing I did was vacuum and I was almost done when I heard this loud crunching metal on metal sound.  As I looked down, I saw my phone charger cable had been swallowed by my Oreck!


I turned the vacuum off, unplugged it and sat on the floor trying, in vain, to untangle the cord from the vacuum,  I was obviously on the losing end of that battle.  So, I decided to get the tool box and perform a "cablectomy."  I took a pair of wire cutters to the cord and began snipping away.  After a few cuts, I was able to pull all the pieces of the cable out of the roller.  I knew I was going to have to pay a pretty penny for a new cable at the phone store.  But, my first stop was to pick up some items I needed at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  In the checkout line, I looked down and saw....yup... smartphone cables! That store really is 'beyond' the bed and bath!

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