I get it.  The holiday weekend is upon us, we all want to get out and go to the beach.  Even if we find a beach where we can feel comfortable socially distancing from each other, there is still another danger to the beach.  THE GREAT WHITE SHARKS ARE BACK.  According to reporting from Yahoo.com, Cape Cod has issued a warning that Great White Sharks are back in the waters and are acting pretty brazen.  The sharks have been reported swimming close enough to the beach to pose a threat to swimmers.  YIKES.


At least two shark attacks on seals have been witnessed at Orleans in recent days as reported to The Cape Cod Times.  Fewer people are going out to the beach because of the risk to COVID-19 but according to Yahoo.com, officials from the National Park Service have advised beachgoers who are braving the potential crowds, to stay in waist-deep water only.  Cape Cod is like a Great White Sharks favorite restaurant.  Tons of seals just waiting to be snatched up for their meals and they can confuse us with seals.

We aren’t their intended target but even an exploratory bite can lead to death. My oldest son never goes in the water.  I used to tell him “do you know what the odds are of getting bit by a shark in the water?” and he replies “I know the odds of getting bit by a shark on the sand is zero so I am sticking with that.”  Last week I took a dip and went swimming over at Wells Beach in Maine because it was so hot, but I am rethinking that now.  If you are headed to the beaches around Cape Cod, be safe and have a happy 4th of July.




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