This Massachusetts man likes Trump enough to have his name spread across most of his lawn.

Donald Trump Hold Campaign Rally In Orlando, Florida
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Most people like the decorate their lawns with colorful plants, rocks or cheesy lawn flamingos. This guy decided to fill his lawn with his politics.

Ricky Early in Haverhill, Massachusetts is facing daily fines for having too many signs supporting Donald Trump, according to the Associated Press. He is in violation of a city ordinance that only allows up to 32 square feet for political campaign signs.

He has 150-200 square feet of Trump on his lawn.

Early faces a $300 fine for each day the signs stick in his lawn. He claims that the fines are the city officials "disagreeing with his political views."

We all know how much of an eyesore political campaign signs can be. When I see them scattered across the road, I'm always left wondering if they really make a difference or are just a waste of materials. For people like Early it apparently means a trip to the bank.

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