Christmas is all about decorating. Whether you're a regular Clark Griswold and put lights all over your house...or just a just a few lights placed strategically in the windows. Fire safety is a real concern at the holidays.

We've all heard stories about Christmas trees catching fire and burning down someone's home at the holidays. It's horribly sad. But absolutely preventable.

The Kingston Fire Department has come up with a festive way to remind everyone about the importance of fire safety at the holidays.

According to WMUR-TV, the fire department's Facebook page has been taken over by videos of Andy the Elf. Andy is better known as firefighter Andrew Silver. The videos show you how to stop, drop and roll, administer CPR, water a Christmas tree, and keep your chimney clean.

WMUR-TV is reporting there are more Andy the Elf videos in the works. But Andy says that's all a secret for now.

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