A Dover, New Hampshire is facing multiple charges after police tracked him down following a drug deal in Portsmouth.

First reported by Fosters.com, Matthew McLaughlin, 35, of 51 Dunns Bridge Lane, Dover was arrested last Friday afternoon. Charges include alleged drug possession, and endangering the welfare of a child. Police Lt. Michael Maloney told the Fosters.com the arrest was "the result of proactive surveillance at the traffic circle by an undercover officer." He continued "That officer saw McLaughlin involved in a transaction of a substance determined to be fentanyl, and police followed, then stopped him on the Spaulding Turnpike."

While he was stopped, the charges kept stacking up. According to the article, McLaughlin was allegedly not driving a registered vehicle. As a result, was charged with operating an unregistered vehicle. After his arrest, the Dover man was released on $1,500 personal recognizance bail, and he’s scheduled to appear in court May 4th.

No word on the status of the child.




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