Patricia Tenney’s family is looking for an angel.  Patricia Tenney, a longtime New Hampshire resident was visiting family in Greenville County, South Carolina when tragedy struck.  Tenney and her daughter Natalie along with other relatives were traveling near the intersection of Locust Hill Road and Bulls Road when a pickup truck slammed into their vehicle.  Tenney’s daughter, her 12-year-old grandson, and her sister suffered injuries and survived the accident according to  Sadly, Patricia did not.


Tenney was a retired nurse who spent a good deal of her life comforting others, often holding their hands during tough times.  She is described by her daughters as a being a real light in the world.  Often leading the family in Christmas karaoke with a laugh that could fill a room.  Her daughters Natalie Pakkala and Kimberly Favart miss her greatly as does the rest of her extended family.  Kimberly Favart was not in the vehicle when the accident occurred but arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.  According to, that’s where the search begins.


There was a man dressed in a white dress shirt and khakis who had blond or strawberry blond hair, that stopped at the scene of the accident and held Patricia’s hand until her daughter arrived.  The family is so grateful for the comfort given by a complete stranger that they are on a mission to find him and thank him for giving their mother comfort in her final moments.


With the arrival of paramedics, emergency personnel and Patricia’s daughter, the man just faded into the background and went on his way, but the family is desperate to find him and thank him.  There is a single photo of him from the scene, but it is not very clear.  If you have any information about this kind man, please reach out to Nikie Mayo at or on Twitter @NikieMayo. Patricia was a New Hampshire resident and the accident occurred around this time last year in Greenville County, South Carolina.  The man that offered comfort could be anywhere in the country.  Let’s help this story go far and wide so Patricia’s daughters can have some closure and thank this kind man.







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