Using choke holds during arrests has become a hot topic the last few weeks, amid the tragic death of George Floyd.

More than 25 Seacoast Police Departments have now reviewed their policies to make a determination about this controversial topic.

According to Seacoast Online, some of these policies were already in place.  Fourteen of the departments already had policies in place that prohibit choke holds unless deadly force is warranted, six other departments had policies that prohibit anything that could cause asphyxiation.

Seacoast Media Group had requested information about departmental policies concerning this issue.  Seacoast Online reports that because of the tragedy that occurred in Minneapolis, many departments are reevaluating their procedures.

Another issue at hand is whether other officers should step in if they see excessive force being used by another officer.  Seacoast Online says "not all departments explicitly spell out a “duty to intervene,” and many have varying review processes for officers involved in use of force incidents."

Meanwhile, Governor Chris Sununu announced the creation of a state Commission on Law Enforcement Accountability, Community and Transparency.  This commission will take a look at New Hampshire law enforcement policies and present a report by the beginning of August.

Seacoast Online also reports that a new "special investigator" position has been created.  This position will review officer-involved use of force incidents.

Broader federal bans are also being considered.  NPR reports that advocates believe this this will help deter police violence.

Others disagree with this proposal.  Michael Schlosser, director of the University of Illinois Police Training Institute, tells NPR:

"With the proper training and the proper continued training, I think it is a safe method to control somebody,"



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