Police are looking for your help to find a witness to a road rage incident that happened on Sunday in Newfields, NH.

The incident involved a motorcycle and a tan or gold pickup truck.  According to a Facebook post from Kristen Werner Palleiko,  the truck forced the motorcycle into oncoming traffic, causing the driver to crash.

The driver then got out of his truck and began yelling at the motorcyclist before fleeing in his truck, according to the post.  Two witnesses helped the motorcyclist, who was then able to ride off safely and report the incident to the Newfields Police Department.

Unfortunately the driver did not get the name of the witnesses.

Police have found the driver of that truck and heard his side of the story.  The driver of the motorcycle obviously has a different take on what happened so police are now looking for the witnesses.

If you were near the intersection of 85 and 108 in Newfields, New Hampshire around noon on Sunday, you may be able to help.

Palleiko, who is the mother of the motorcyclist, says that one of the witnesses was an older gentleman driving a 2015 or newer Dodge Charger, silver in color.

Palleiko is asking everyone to share the post in hopes of finding this man, and reporting any information to  the Newfields Police at (603) 772-9010 or email Officer Henrik Strand at hstrand@newfieldsnh.gov.

If you were in the area that day, you may also be able to help.

Palleiko says:

"We are extremely lucky that the motorcyclist (our son) was not hit by oncoming traffic. This man needs to be held accountable for his crime so he doesn't do this to someone else, and possibly kill someone."

Thank god Kristen's son is okay, and hopefully you can help!


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