Give it up for the kids for sure.

For 14 years, there has been a “Day of Giving” event all to help out people with cancer in Londonderry. (Side Note: My son is a cancer survivor so this hits home for me very much. You can see our amazing domes in the picture.)

Sammy Cruise


The program almost ended until the students at the Londonderry high school decided to continue on the tradition, according to the Derry News.

The news source stated 70 students signed up to cut their hair to benefit Locks of Love, Children with Hair Loss and Wigs for Kids this year.

I’m talking they cut off 8 inches to a whole foot of hair at a time! I did the math on this and that’s a minimum of like 560 inches that will create a lot of wigs for a lot of people fighting cancer.

Congrats, guys, on a huge job well done!