Have you noticed that your internet speed is quite a bit faster today? Well, you're not alone, as a re-branding of MetroCast Cable means faster internet for customers.

First reported by Fosters.com, Atlantic Broadband made a 1.4 billion dollar acquisition of MetroCast last year, which was finalized a few months ago. This morning, there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and it was announced all existing customers will be immediately upgraded to higher internet speeds.

The transition has been positive, and fruitful. According to Atlantic Broadband officials, zero employees, offices, or call centers have been closed, and they have hired twenty people.

Fosters also reported company officials stated the upgrades are just the start. The upgrades will also allow Atlantic Broadband to better compete with Comcast, which they said would in turn benefit local residents, and will be rolling out different packages soon.

While the increased speeds were not met with a rate hike for today, officials told Fosters "Atlantic Broadband does have standard annual rate increases like Comcast and other providers." It was also stated company will clearly communicate any and all pricing changes to customers ahead of schedule.

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