Last year about this time the sugar houses that have been a New Hampshire tradition for more years than any of us can remember, were forced to close due to the pandemic according to reporting by  I was so naïve when I moved to New Hampshire that I did not know that maple syrup actually came from trees.  I know.  We all have to live and learn, and I did.  Once you have real maple syrup, you can never be satisfied with store-bought “pancake syrup” and the maple sugar candies are to die for!


You can find a list of sugar houses open on the website and get more information on when they are open during MAPLE MONTH according to  Visiting the maple sugar shacks is a tradition as important as cutting down your own Christmas Tree to many New Hampshire families. Many of the sugar houses are following the CDC COVID-19 guidelines so phone ahead to see if your favorite sugar house is taking reservations.

Masking is required and many are operating at a reduced capacity for safety.  I had thought of doing it myself this year with a drill and a tap and bucket, but my wife won’t let me use power tools anymore.  Don’t ask what happened, it’s a touchy subject but let’s just say I am not very handy.  This year I must try some maple ice cream, some maple popcorn, some maple candies in addition to getting my jug of maple syrup!





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