Justin Spencer is the creator of the Manchester based band "Recycled Percussion". They do so much for Granite Staters through their show and brand called "Chaos and Kindness".

A lot of negative stuff has happened in the world this year and Justin is always doing what he can to bring joy and hope to the people lives. This past June he hopped on his Harley and took a ride to a trailer park in Loudon, New Hampshire. He visited the trailer he lived in from the ages of 8-11. He knocked on the door to introduce himself but no one answered. He slipped a $1,000 check under the door with a note that said “I grew up in this house”.

Today he continued his selfless acts of kindness. He strolled into a Walmart store and pointed at the row of bikes they had on display. "I'll take all of them", he said. He will be donating these bikes to kids in need right here in the Granite State! How amazing is that?

He posted the photo below with the caption:

I've grown to an age and mindset where all I want for Christmas is to facilitate as much happiness for others as I can. So having the ability to walk in to Walmart and purchase every bike they have to donate them to children for Christmas just made me so f*cking happy. Happy holidays everyone.

Recycled Percussion via Facebook
Recycled Percussion via Facebook

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