I'm just gonna say it...I don't like former NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez. Never have. Never will. It's not just because he was a Yankee player. Or because I can't listen to Jennifer Lopez music without thinking about him...and that makes me want to vomit...since he started dating her.

No, I can't stand A-Rod because I think he was a cry baby player. He cheated, and was caught violating the Major League Baseball policy on steroids multiple times, and suspended. I just don't like the way he played the game and still made all that money. In my opinion, he is exactly what's wrong with MLB.

However, with that said...I have to respect the fact he lived up to a bet with New England's favorite actor, Mark Wahlberg.

Wahlberg and Rodriguez made a bet earlier this season when the Boston Red Sox played the Yankees. If the Bronx Bombers lost to Boston, then A-Rod would have to work at Mark's family burger joint, Wahlburgers.

TMZ, he kept up his end of the deal. The website says A-Rod showed up for duty on Sunday morning and got down to work. He event posted this on

TMZ says Rodriguez posted, "It was time to me to hold up my end of the deal and report for duty to the @wahlburgers location near Fenway Park. Today, I had to do a little bit of everything - greet customers, flip burgers, clear tables, and yes, mop the bathroom floor. But what I thought was going to be a tough day turned out to be a day I really enjoyed."

So my hat is off to Alex Rodriguez in this instance. But I still can't stand him. Or listen to his girlfriend's music anymore.


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