I would rather have the Olympics end for the rest of human existence than have it in a city where it doesn't belong.


The U.S. Olympic Committee has made some enemies in New England after choosing our beloved Boston as the U.S. bid for its little games in 2024.

One of them is me. You see I enjoy and appreciate what the City of Boston has to offer as a proud New Hampshirite. It is a perfect destination when I am tired of looking at moose and throwing hatchets at stumps.

The city has a lot to offer, but there is no way it can reasonable handle the onslaught of nonsense that comes with hosting the Olympic Games.

First off, the infrastructure can barely support a Boston Celtics game as commuters wind their way down roads and exits that were designed by an engineer on a bender. Driving in Boston is like a funeral procession where we all transport the corpses of our humanity in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Plenty of people I know commute to Boston and they will turn into a horrible shell of their former selves after their commute quadruples in length.

Also just where are we going to be hosting all of these events? The City of Boston is compact enough as it is without trying to squeeze in more garbage that will become useless once the games end.

We need to focus on making the city better the right way without an international athletic pageant to instigate improvements.

No city comes out on top after the Olympic Game are over. Every single story I have read on the impact on hosting the Olympics points towards the negative. Sure the attention, job openings and boost in focus on infrastructure are great, but all of that fades away once it all ends.

Taxpayers are left with a huge burden, which often goes over budget, and have to pick up the pieces left behind. "Civic pride" in your city and national attention is not worth the millions of dollars that we will have to pay for it all.

The folks over at NoBostonOlympics.com are fighting the good fight in keeping the OIympics out of this great city.

"Study after study by independent academics has shown that Olympics do not create economic growth. At first, this seems counter-intuitive -- what about all those events and Olympic visitors? It turns out they mostly displace economic activity that would otherwise have occurred."

A group called Boston 2024 disagrees with me and thinks that having the Olympics in Boston is a great idea. You can check out their side of the argument where they supposedly dispel these "myths," but I prefer to look at history as an indicator of success.

And don't think all of us up here in New Hampshire will be safe from all of the troubles that will come to Boston if it hosts the Olympics. We would certainly feel the negative impact and do our best to stay away from a city with a lot to offer.

Keep the Olympics far away from New England. We are too "smaht" to fall for the ruse and too strong to be swayed by false promise.


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