A shortage of workers is unfortunately a new norm as of late, and the cafeteria at Orono Middle-High School is no exception.

According to an article in Bangor Daily News, food service director Ben Jacobson has been the only person serving 500 students twice a day, five days a week since the start of school in the fall.

Now, if that were me, I would probably be heading into work with an attitude and I would have experienced a burnout after one week. But for Jacobson, he just wants to put out as good food as he can and he just wants to feed the kids, all with a positive attitude. The article states he does this with music playing in the background and a smile under his mask.

Apparently, being a cafeteria worker isn’t even his full-time job and he’s actually the food service director for RSU 26. He’s technically supposed to be supervising the cafeteria workers, but they can’t find a full-time kitchen crew so he has stepped in, according to the article.

Ultimately, Jacobson’s plan for the year was to make more healthy choices from scratch, and even designed the new kitchen for the schools as scratch kitchens, but they don’t have enough help to execute the idea.

What would really help him out is someone being able to fill the full-time kitchen manager position the district just approved.

Everyone and their mother are hiring right now, but this is another option on your radar!

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