Dear Stupid. Let me explain what you should NEVER do on a highway.


Imagine my surprise while I was driving a big giant box truck from Bill Dodge Autogroup. I was in this truck going everywhere in Maine collecting bottles and cans for our annual fundraiser to fight breast cancer.

It was around 4 pm and I was coming back from Auburn and was traveling the Turnpike. I was in the right lane going around 70mph. Actually going about the speed limit. Traffic was pretty heavy as people were anxious to get home or to pick up groceries...or whatever.

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Getty Images

You came like a bat out of hell on MY RIGHT and passed me! Again, let me review. I was in the RIGHT LANE. The only thing to my right would be a breakdown lane. You know, the lane you pull your car into when you break down. Hence, the name. I watched you then weave in and out of traffic as apparently where you had to go was way more important than where any of the rest of us were going.

Do you have any idea how lucky you are? What if I was a distracted driver and veered into the breakdown lane? Trust me when I say, my box truck would have destroyed you.

So here's a plea. I have to plea with you because apparently, you are too dumb to figure it out yourself. Don't pass people on the right in a breakdown lane. You got lucky this time. Next time, someone might reach for a dropped french fry and end your life a whole lot earlier than you planned.

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