Ok, this story made me laugh today!

Apparently, there is an aggressive turkey on the loose in Boston!

WHDH reports that the turkey has been given the name Oscar, and has been attacking residents.     Liz Poullette tells WHDH that she was out for a walk with her husband when Oscar came after them.  Another resident came to her aid, but not before she suffered some bruises and scrapes:

“I put my arm up, because it was being a little aggressive, and it jumped, and with its feet - they have like talons - it grabbed my sweatshirt. I have a couple scrapes and a bruise. I had to beat it back with my handbag to finally leave us alone.”

There have been numerous other accounts of this same turkey running rampant around Hyde Park.

I have to say, this same thing has happened to me before. When I first started in radio, I was asked to do a live broadcast from a turkey farm.  They wanted me to broadcast from inside the pen with all the turkeys, and let me tell you they were super aggressive!

Plus, they're bigger than you realize and when they start making noise and heading in your direction, it's definitely unnerving!

WBZ is reporting that Oscar the turkey is even forcing people back into their cars:

So, if you're headed to Boston anytime soon, be on the lookout for Oscar, the Grouchy Turkey. Apparently, he hasn't heard about social distancing and we'll definitely be up in your space!




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