A bear in downtown Manchester, a deer hanging out in the back of a Subaru, and now wild coyotes in Saugus. We're only half way through, but it's already been a May to remember.

According to North of Boston, Saugus, Ma, last Saturday, police received a 911 call shortly after 7 a.m. The call was from a woman who reported she was stuck in a tree with coyotes around it on Breakheart Reservation’s Ridge Trail. A State Police spokesperson said that the woman reportedly went up the tree because her dog was surrounded by a pack of coyotes.

Coyotes tend to run at night in packs, and due to the early morning nature of the situation, it's possible the wild animals were still up from the night before. Many suburban areas have reported an uptick in missing dogs and cats.

According to the article, firefighters made contact with the caller and escorted her to her vehicle.


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