It's like a piece of Boston's North End transplanted to the Seacoast.

Everything from their wine selection, to their homemade pastas to their decadant desserts, Patty B's is Italian cuisine at its finest.

My friend Linda from central Massachusetts was visiting and I wanted to impress her with my new Dover digs. Our news director Don Briand is a wealth of knowledge of all things Dover and had told me that Patty B's was a pasta lover's dream, so Patty B's it was!

I started my Patty B's experience with a glass of Sea Pearl Sauvignon Blanc and it went down reaallll smooth. They also have a great beer selection and were offering this sassy seasonal cocktail that was hot cider with a shot of Captain Morgan rum.

For my main event I had the pasta a la vodka with spicy sausage. The pasta was homemade to perfection, the sauce was just the right amount of chunky and the spicy sausage spread its flavorful zing over the entire dish. A perfect 10!

We finished off the experience with a slice of their pumpkin cheesecake. HEAVENLY.

You know the saying "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"? After dining at Patty B's, I am going to have to to respectfully disagree.

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