Authorities in Sanford, Maine are asking for the public's assistance in searching for a man who allegedly stole a car from a local convenience store.


According to WGME 13, a car was reported stolen Monday night. The man pictured, obviously a loyal sports fan, partial to New England teams, was caught on video, and the shots above are what police have released as they look for the accused. You'll also notice he is plugged into audio of some sort. Such an obvious outfit is either a disguise designed to throw off investigators, and the public, or he's possibly one of the most obvious criminals in recent memory. So, if you know of a major Sox/Pats fan who can't part with his audio device, and was hard up for a new set of someone else's wheels, there's your guy. Based on the outfit, the hoodie could easily be Celtics or Bruins.

The article states the vehicle stolen was a 2003 Toyota Camry, with a NH temporary plate of  2162859. The theft occurred around 6:30 Monday night.


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