Game 1 is tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes, and one bar will look radically different.

It's great when your local tavern or bar throws some support behind the local team. Maybe a dollar off well drinks, or half priced apps during a big game, that's swell. One Boston bar is uppping the game for everyone by doing something drastic.

They're changing THE NAME!

Well, sort of. According to NBC 10 Boston, the Bruins' upcoming series prompted a popular Boston bar to temporarily change its name from Hurricane's at the Garden to BEAT THE Hurricane's at the Garden. Ya follow? This simple move prevents a potentially super awkward situation. Imagine if the Carolina Hurricane's actually beat the Bruins in Boston. Where you going to go to nurse the loss? A bar named Hurricanes? Right, don't be silly. It's much easier to toast a win over the Hurricanes AT beat The Hurricanes.

Business 101. The Boston chapter.



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