For Portsmouth High School Student Anna C. St. Jean, hard work has paid off in the form of being awarded a National Merit Scholarship for $2,500, according to New Hampshire

I can imagine you would have to work doubly hard to win during a pandemic with the disruptions and the on and off again virtual learning.  This is a true testament to the power of hard work and effort.

What is the National Merit Scholarship?

It takes a lot to win a National Merit Scholarship. The Scholarship is one of many that are awarded throughout the country with donations by major corporations.

There were approximately 7,500 students awarded a scholarship this year, according to New Hampshire  Winners are chosen to have the not just on academic achievements but by a combination of accomplishments.

So, for example, in addition to having good grades you have to also excel in a sport or other activity.

Anna C. St. Jean is going on to study something I have never heard of

Anna C. St. Jean is so smart, she is most likely set to study bioinformatics and I never even heard of that field.  I didn’t even have to read a book in high school and sometimes it really shows.

I am glad the group of kids coming out of schools recently is so smart.  They are the future and I hope they can use their skills to solve all the problems that my generation have placed on the planet.

Congratulations to Anna C. St. Jean.  Hard work pays off.

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