I just saw this story and I was compelled to write about it, hoping to spread the word and get people to come out and help this woman.  According to seacoastonline.com  Michelle Schladenhauffen, a graduate of Portsmouth High School class of 1991, is trying to raise money because she is in dire need of reliable and safe transportation. It would give her a better quality of life. Don't we all deserve that?

When she was younger, doctors thought she had cerebral palsy and she lived with that  until she was in her thirties. Not until then was she finally diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a degenerative nerve disorder resulting in muscle loss and deterioration.

This woman spent time in a Maine brain injury facility and from there she went to a nursing home and by the grace of God she worked her way back to independence where she now lives in her own apartment at Betty’s Dream in Portsmouth, an accessible housing community for handicapped adults.

Michelle Schladenhauffen has been through so much and her health is just getting worse. Her goal is to raise $35,000 so she can buy a special van that would improve her life! The special event is happening Thursday, May 16th at Clipper Tavern in Portsmouth --  it will feature live music, raffles and more and 20% of the proceeds will go to Michelle.


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