To say that 'Pauline from Manchester,' our Pro Football Pick Em Champ for the 2017 season, is a Patriots fan is a MAJOR understatement. Her profile pic AND her $10,000 Big Game Score predictions are in, and her loyalty CANNOT be questioned.


Yes! Pauline is rocking that eskimo jacket AT GILLETTE STADIUM!

This pic was taken the during the Pats final regular season game from that below zero beat down of the New York Jets on New Years Eve.

Here's a great blurb she wrote us about the experience of being the PFP Champ.

'This picture is of me at their last regular season game at Gillette. It was a balmy 12 below with the wind chill factor.

I am thrilled to have won the You Pick Em. My TV has been acting up so timing is perfect. It started off as a couple of my co-workers and I playing against each other for fun. I then found that I was doing well and now here we are. And for those who are wondering, I did the picks myself.

I am a big Patriots fan, and I don’t miss watching a game.

I love New England. Bring on the $10K.'

Her Halftime Score Prediction

Eagles 17; Patriots 10

Her Final Score Prediction

Patriots 27; Eagles 24

If Pauline nails either one of these scores, she'll win $1000. If she aces BOTH scores? She wins $10,000!

Gooooooooooooooo, Pauline, gooooooooooooooooo!


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