A Lynnfield, Massachusetts, woman was putting away her Christmas decorations when she spotted a coyote four feet away.

Post Christmas, most families in Northern New England are in a mix of cleaning up after multiple storms, taking time off from work, and still recovering financially from the holiday. One woman had an additional scare thrown into her post Christmas routine; a rabid coyote.

According to NECN, Kerrianne Allain was putting away her holiday decorations in her driveway last Friday when she saw what turned out to be a rabid animal. At first, Allain said she thought it was a dog, but noticed something was up when she continued on her path.

She told NECN "I jumped in the car and the coyote did not move," she said. "He just kept staying close to me."

Per NECN, it was captured, and has tested positive for rabies, according to animal control officials.

This wasn't the first time the coyote was spotted in suburban Massachusetts.

According to animal control officials, there had been multiple reports in the area the previous week. Residents are urged to keep pets indoors.

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