Rhinestones, pink horses and denim outfits all take center stage in RaeLynn's rowdy video for her new single, "Keep Up."

The feisty 25-year-old singer takes on the "everywoman" role in her catchy new track. Whether she's dancing with the ladies or outdrinking the fellas, RaeLynn proclaims that she knows how to blend classy and trashy with the best of them.

The video finds the former Voice contestant trying out her choreographed dance moves alongside denim-clad dancers in rhinestone-covered boots, while the lyrics have her beckoning the listener to try to keep up with her country-girl pace. Her husband Josh Davis also makes a brief appearance, handing her a shot that she confidently downs.

"'Cause I can drive your truck faster than you can / I can get shit done with my own two hands / I can dance with the ladies / Drink with the fellers / You know Fridays are good / But boy, with me they'd be better / Country boys sure know how to have fun / But let me show you how a country girl gets it done y'all / Keep up," she chants over an enticing pop-country melody.

The bold singer says that she hopes fans identify with the female empowerment theme of the song. “I want women to take away from ‘Keep Up’ that they can be just as rowdy as the guys can! This is the country girl anthem we need," she tells Entertainment Tonightadding that she worked with choreographer Joy Spears to create the video's dance routine, which was inspired by her moves on stage.

“We worked on a routine to make [my moves] look more put together, and we had a blast figuring it out. Dancing is one of my favorite parts of performing," she continues. “From the moment I wrote ‘Keep Up,’ I had a vision for a fun video that incorporates my personality and all the bright colors."

"Keep Up" is RaeLynn's latest single, following "Bra Off," which was released in late 2019. Both songs will be included on her upcoming album.

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